July 23, 2018 Albany, NY Governor Cuomo Grants Pardons to Seven Individuals Facing Deportation

“Governor Cuomo today issued pardons to the following individuals in recognition of their rehabilitative efforts and to remove the barriers that their criminal records present to their immigration status. Some are facing deportation, while others wish to be able to participate in their communities as citizens of the country they call home. In each case, a pardon will make immigration-related relief possible, if not automatic. Every recipient in is in good standing, having given back to their communities and families in a variety of ways, and having demonstrated a substantial period of crime-free, good citizenship. . . . .
Elpidio Rodriguez, 57, is from the Dominican Republic and has been crime-free for 19 years. He works in housekeeping at New York City hospitals and serves as a caregiver and financial provider for his elderly parents, wife, three adult children and two grandchildren. He was convicted of criminal possession of a controlled substance and of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated….
Governor Cuomo has used his ability to grant clemency to reward rehabilitation, reunite families, protect against deportation and help New Yorkers become fully contributing members of our society. Since taking office, the Governor has issued 34 pardons, 12 commutations and 140 conditional youth pardons.
Individuals interested in applying for clemency should visit Governor Cuomo’s clemency website – www.ny.gov/clemency. The website is a central resource for those seeking to learn more about clemency, eligibility requirements, and the application process, including submitting application materials electronically. Family members and friends of individuals serving prison sentences are encouraged to visit the website and apply for clemency on behalf of their family member or friend, or to send in support letters for loved ones who have applied themselves.”

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